Friday, August 20, 2010

Jack's First Day at School...kinda

       Jack starts school this week. Jack is 18 months old now so we enrolled him into school. Well it is not really school. Its a school that has an 18 month program, but there is lunch time, recess, a cafeteria, and teachers so it sounds like school to me.

       Johanna took Jack to a little friend party last weekend and when she got home she told me a story. Jack and all the kids were eating chicken nuggets. Jack is still very little and sometimes he is not into eating. So Jack spit out his food onto the table and the little girl next to him said loudly, "Ewwwww Gross!!" I am sure these thing happen all the time, but when Johanna told me this it made me remember what it is like being a kid. See Jack was just being himself and I am sure he was not embarrassed because he doesn't even know what was going on. I had a brief glimpse of school when I was little. It is so strange the things we forget. Johanna telling me this story really brought back a feeling that I had not felt in a long time. I was embarrassed for Jack and mad at this little girl. It is going to be really hard hearing these things as Jack gets older. Maybe someone will hit him or maybe someone will make him cry. You really can't help seeing his life through your eyes, and yours through his. As he experiences these things you are reminded of all those feelings that you forgot as a kid. Some are very sad and the good part is lots of them are very happy.

       Jack has a little bag with his extra clothes and monkey he sleeps with during his nap. He has a little nap mat with a pillow and blanket. His teacher is Mrs. Naomi and he already likes her. Diapers and snacks, outside time and lunch. He is getting so big and soon he will be able to talk more and tell us things. The first day we took him to his class it was one of the first times I have ever seen him reach his arm back for his Momma. He had never been here before and he is such a sweet boy. It is hard leaving your child all day like this. I hope he eats well, I hope he sleeps well. I picture him sitting at the little table and eating his snack listening to the teacher read a story. It makes me happy but also sad because I am not there in case anything happens. I am just waiting for the school to call us. "Mr. Pule your son has gone crazy, he has taken a juice box straw and he is attacking the other children." Jack is such a sweet boy. I want him to have fun and experience life as it comes. Hopefully one day when he is a little older and someone yells "Ewww Gross!!" he will know what is going on, and take another bite of food, spit it in the little girls face, and jump up on his chair saying "yeah that's what I thought, in your face little girl." The reality is that he will probably get a little red, come home and tell us about it, while we listen and remember what it is like going to school.