Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fall of 90's action movies wrap up

Well, it was a long fall from grace from when we started. The fall of 90's action movies ended december 22nd with Sudden Death. Over four months we watched fifteen 90's action flicks. We took the liberty of kicking the lists ass and ranking lots of shit. Also remember that we watch and discuss one night a week, so its not like this is all I do in my life.

Sudden Death - 5 - sudden death gets nothing
Face/Off - 7 - Best Villian - Castor Troy played by both John Travolta and Nicholas Cage
Lethel Weapon 4 - 7 - Best Ending 
Out for Justice - 5 - Worst Villian - Richie played by William Forsythe
Cliffhanger - 7 - Best and Worst Sidekick - Agent Richard Travers played by Rex Linn
Bad Boys - 2 - Worst Action, Worst Hero, and Worst Opeing
Desperado - 4 - Worst Ending and Best Female - Selma Hayek
Rumble in the Bronx - 6 - Funniest Action Movie
True Lies - 8 - Best Hero - Harry Tasker - Best Music
Die Hard with a Vengeance - 9 - Best Dialoge
Hard Target - 3 - Worst Dialoge - Worst Female - Natasha 'Nat' Binder played by Yancy Butler
Hard Boiled - 9 - Best Action


Golden Eye - 5 - Best Opening
Speed - 7
Under Seige - 6
Executive Decision - 1

The Best overall quintessential most endicative of the 90's action movies goes to: FACE/OFF
The Worst most bad action, bad dialoge, bad jokes, bad acting goes to: BAD BOYS

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Stuff I had #3

 We gave Jack a Fisher Price Little People farm play set for Christmas. I was looking at it and it made me remember the Fisher Price Zoo play set I had when I was little. The new ones look nothing like the old ones. The new Little People are all little fat dwarfs. I really remember this play set as one of my favorite toys as a toddler.

In 1984, Fisher-Price finally released a set that it seemed the Little People series had needed all along--a zoo. #916 did, indeed, sell well and was one of the more attractive of all the 1980's play sets, lasting until the end of Original Little People production in 1990. Unfortunately, while the zoo itself is nicely detailed as far as latter-day bases go, the animals disappointed a lot of Little People fans. Instead of detailed, well-made animal figures popularised through the #915 Farm, the #991 Circus Train, and the #993 Castle, the zoo had soft molded plastic animals with no moving parts that paled in comparison to their predecessors. Most collectors agree the zoo would have been a classic set had the animals been those like the Circus Train

OLD vs. NEW Little People


Sorry I can't get drunk because I have two kids

I just wanted to apologize to everyone for not being able to get out of my mind drunk because I have two kids. I know it sucks for you, but imagine how I feel. I have only been drunk like 47,000 times. I probably have been drunk more days than my son has been alive. lets see, he is about 720 days old roughly, I have been drunk 47,000 times, subtract that....yup, more than that. I just feel bad because I have only been hanging out with my friends and getting drunk since I was about 18, so that is only about 10 years of hanging out and getting drunk. To some it might not be a big deal, but I really miss staying up or out most of the night and getting obliterated.  My son is almost 2 years old. So that is 2 years now that I have not been able to do this. I know I know, 2 years, that is a long long time to not get totally hammered. I just feel bad for all of you, no not feel bad, I'm jealous really. When you get really shit faced, you don't have to worry about your kids waking you up, or if something happened in the middle of the night. I mean every time I see one of my friends hanging out and getting drunk I think to myself, "man I wish I didn't have kids" I could still be living it up drinking beer. I mean I guess I could get really drunk, yeah whats the big deal, my wife can handle it. I just hope something doesn't happen like Jack falls out of bed and my wife is feeding the baby so I have to deal with it...lame, I'm drinking, leave me alone, it would be such an inconvenience. They really do get in the way you guys. Do not have kids, and if you do make sure you think to yourself, well yeah this is going to suck for a while, but I will be back hanging out in no time. Ain't Nobody gonna hold me down.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


It's that time of year where I look back at the movies I watched. Some (most) were really crap. Most (very few) were really good. Since I have two kids now, this year was a little slim on the movie going. Also after work and then watching a toddler, getting him feed and in bed, I am really tired so the last thing I want to do is put in a 2 hour drama. So the level of light crap is higher than usual this year. I have noticed a couple things in watching the movies of 2010:

1) Hollywood is making a lot of shit, I mean really bad. I don't get it, some board room guys actually watched Cop Out and said "ok, how do we make people think this is a quality film" I mean movies do not need a plot or real characters anymore as long as there is pretty images on the screen? If you are buying into all this crap, and forgave movies like Clash of the Titans and Alice in Wonderland because they "looked awesome" then you deserve all the crap that is on the way. You know they are making a Monopoly movie...MONOPOLY THE MOVIE PEOPLE, COME ON!!!

2) I don't like saying that I'm getting old, but I AM getting old-er and this year while watching certain "films" I said to myself "umm, do teenagers really act like this is school, maybe this movie was made for a 16 year old." This is the first year I have felt this way. Like those same people who are sitting at the board room are also saying " most kids are talking or just looking at there cell phones, so who gives a shit."

3)  3D is stupid

Youth in Revolt - quirky and funny due to Michael Cera, but this was a mess, trying to be funny, and zany, and serious and too much, when it was over, I thought to myself, "so why did all that happen" maybe if I was 16 years old.

Edge of Darkness - I could not even finish the movie. I thought i was getting something like "Taken" at least that is how they advertised it, but instead I got a slow moving quiet dialogue pile of poo with Mel Gibson's bad boston accent right in the middle.

The Wolfman - Had potential to be amazing, but due to its original director dropping off 3 weeks before filming, the movie suffers from lack of direction. Some of it was really really awesome, and then some was really bad. Rick Bakers make-up = awesome, Anthony Hopkins as a wolfman = bad

Shutter Island - If you want to see a masterful film maker at work then see it. Martin Scorsese puts so much into this one and it had me from the beginning, loved it

Cop Out - This is the worst movie I saw all year

Alice in Wonderland - Time Burton should be ashamed of himself. The movie looks like Disney could not get Tim Burton so they got some director and told him to make a movie that looks like a Tim Burton movie. Scary looking trees and all. it got really bad when Tweedle Dee and Dumb started sword fighting and the end of the movie.

Hot Tub Time Machine - Instant Classic, way better that it should be.

Clash of the Titans - Sam Worthington is not human, he is a CGI person created by the studios to look like
a person.

Date Night - Went into this one thinking it was going to be bad. I was pleasantly surprised to see that is was funny and the chemistry between Carrel and Fey really worked. Someone put it perfectly when they said "if you replaced Fey and Carrel with Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Macanahey, then it would be unbearable" They really made the movie good, and James Franco cameo didn't hurt either.

Kick Ass -

Exit Through the Gift Shop - Great, Interesting documentary about street art. It has a crazy narative that is almost unbelievable. It makes you think about what a shame the art world is.

Iron Man 2 - Ohhh Iron Man 2, I thought it was awesome, but not awesome enough. I think Marvel really is pushing the whole Avengers thing too hard in this. I wanted what Spiderman 2 was for the first Spiderman. Instead we just got the same stuff from the first movie. I really think it fell short, but still really fun and exciting.

MacGrubber - This is a weird, sometimes funny, weird, not so funny movie.

Get Him to the Greek - This was good, well put together, you actually cared about the character which most comedies do not do these day. Russel Brand was hilarious, and Jonah Hill was not too annoying. The problem is the last act. It goes a little too far and ends up messing up the arc of the story.

Splice - This is the funniest movie I saw all year.

A-Team - exactly what I thought it would be. A rip roaring romp of action and fun. This was just fun to watch. The action was cool, and over the top, but I think it worked considering it was an A-Team movie. too much CGI in the end.

Toy Story 3- Well what can I say about Toy Story 3, It was great., I loved it. Most of the new Pixar movies try to shoe horn in some sort of "message", but this stuck to just being a great Toy Story...nothing more, nothing less.

Predators - The best predators sequel, but still not great. It was fun, but fell a little flat in the characters and the story.

Inception - The blew me away, not on a mind blowing level, but an action movie level. It was so fast and quick, and I was on the ride. This is what a summer blockbuster should be.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World - I love all the video game stuff, I love Edgar Write and it is nice to see him make something without the net of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. I wouldn't buy this movie, but it was very fun and looked great.

Machete - Awesome, Hilarious, sometimes Rodriquez can be very sloppy put together, but this was not at all. I loved all the characters and the jokes. I want more Machete.

Easy A - We watched this because we had heard it was good, it even has a high rotten tomato rating. I have no idea why, it was so bad and stupid. Reviews were saying it was a call back to John Hughes teen comedies. They are wrong, they talk about John Hughes in the movie, and they rip him off blatantly. The writing was bad, I did not understand why anyone was doing what they were doing. I turned it off when they guy lifted up two computer speakers outside the girls house mimicking "Say Anything"

Social Network - My favorite of the year. Such a well crafted movie. Arron Sorkin takes Shakespearean themes of friendship, greed, and betrayal, and puts them in a very modern setting, and it all works.

Jackass 3D - The best 3D movie I have ever seen

Dinner for Schmucks - This is just embarrassing for Rudd and Carrel. They are both great, but this movie is so bad that is it beyond explanation. It is really really bad, like how did someone watch this and think it was good. It is like "Envy" with Jack Black and Ben Stiller bad.

The Other Guys - The first 30 or so minutes are hilarious, but as usual director Adam McKay (Anchor Man, Talladega Nights) has no concept of story or character arcs. Just a series of sketches. Learn how to say cut you horrible film maker.

I'm still Here - That Joaquin Phoenix "documentary" ...................Stupid, just plain stupid

Harry Potter and Deathly Hollows Part 1 - Well it was great for half of a movie. I love all Harry Potter films, so no complaining from me, but it is hard to review half of a movie.

Black Swan - AHHHH!!! AMAZING!!! HELP!!!

Tron Legacy - I saw this had a 49% on rotten tomatoes. I don't get it. I loved it, in fact I was kinda blown away by it. If you like the first Tron then you will like this one. let me say this again...If you like the first Tron, then you will like this one. People must have been thinking Tron is an action movie when its really more a
sci-fi movie.