Monday, August 30, 2010

Super Fun Johanna Birthday Weekend Forever

This past Thursday was Johanna's 31st birthday. She is as beautiful as the day I met her. This weekend was filled to the brim with fun stuff.


First off we both worked. I do not mind, but It kinda sucks to work on your birthday, says Johanna. I wouldn't know, I have not worked on my birthday for many years. Why would a human do such a thing? So I was taking Johanna out for a nice dinner on Friday night so we decided to make it simple. Johanna's parents took us all out to Luby's. Luby's is like a fine wine. It only gets better with age. Age being you age, the older you get the more you like Luby's. It is required by law. So after a delicious Luby's meal we headed home and Jacob got Johanna a wonderful chocolate cake from the Whole Foods Market, candles and all. So Thursday was a nice evening with the family. Luby's and cake. It really doesn't get any better...or does it.


After work I picked up Johanna we went home and got ready for our nice dinner out. Johanna's parents decided to watch Jack over night and Jacob was staying over at my mothers, which is also Jacob's mother. So a night with no one in the house means we can relax and also sleep in, which we haven't done for a long time. I mean a long time, maybe a year. Needless to say we were excited. We got dressed up and I had made reservations for us at Churascos. It is a Latin steak house. It was incredible. We sat at the bar first, I had a whiskey and coke and Johanna had a diet coke. At the table waiting for us was a bowl of yucca chips and chimicuri sauce. Then we ordered some Cheviche. It was served to us in a hollowed out pineapple which is hilarious. Then we both had dinner salads and then the steak. This thing was amazing served with chimichuri sauce and a side of grilled veggies, pickled onions and a yucca cake. The steak literally melted in your mouth. We then ordered a Threes Leche cake to go, grabbed our things and left. We got home and enjoyed an empty house while watching Mad Men and eating out dessert. We even stayed up till 11 o'clock. This is a rare thing for us. The night was lovely.


Sleeping in is something I never get to do. Since we wake up around 6:30 am every day, 8:00 am is sleeping in to us. It was great not jumping out of bed. So after we leisurely woke up we decided to get breakfast together. We went to The Buffalo cafe and ate a big breakfast and enjoyed coffee. This is always nice. Then Jack joined us at the Library where he picked out a few books, and then we went home to play. We turned on the hose and Jack always loves that. This is the weekend so we had to get something done. We decided to go grocery shopping. Doing this alone is boring and a chore, but when the whole family goes its an outing and kinda fun. Got home with just enough time go swimming. Jack usually cries when we put him in the water, but now he loves it. He was laughing and jumping and I was holding him like a big fish splashing in the water. Got home put jack to bed and then we picked up Jason's Deli. I haven't had Jason's Deli since we left Dallas, and we love it. Another relaxing evening at home watching the movie 500 Days of Summer and we were off to bed ready for the next day.

Sunday: The Last Day

I went to work and Johanna went to breakfast with her new friends. After I got off we went over to Johanna's parents for dinner which is always nice to receive a free delicious meal. Jack loves the garden next to their house and it is hard to get him out of it. We went home where Jacob surprised Johanna with some new girl baby clothes for the new girl baby we will be having soon. He also got Jack some play tools which he is now obsessed with. Jack at this point was crazy, running around madness. We took him outside for one last breath of fresh air. Jack is very calm outside. I guess there is so much to take in, The smell of a summer evening. We put our wonderful boy to bed, and relaxed on the couch. Sunday night was Emmy night, and Johanna and I love award shows. I topped off the night with a nice Miller High Life and Johanna, Jacob and I all watched the ceremony. This was the end of the nice weekend.

I am so happy with the way life is now. I have a beautiful wife and an amazing boy with a baby girl girl on the way. Once a week I go to my brother-in-laws house and he drink beer and watch movies. I live with my brother Jacob and we keep each other entertained comically. My mother loves to spend time with Jack and Johanna's parents are so helpful. We really have it pretty sweet right now. Over the horizon is a new baby girl, Mary _____  Pule. Which I know will bring even more fantastic weekend adventures into our lives.

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Fall of 90's Action Movies

Fall as in the season, Last night Jacob, Andy and I came up with a list of 90's action movies that we will be watching for the next few months. We know there are some missing but we just do not have time to watch them all. So we excluded ones we have seen a lot or have seen recently: T2, speed, under seige, the rock, etc. I know those are some big ones, but we are trying to get a bigger picture of 90's action movies. So number one starts next week: FACE/OFF, I will be reporting back in a few months.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Jack's First Day at School...kinda

       Jack starts school this week. Jack is 18 months old now so we enrolled him into school. Well it is not really school. Its a school that has an 18 month program, but there is lunch time, recess, a cafeteria, and teachers so it sounds like school to me.

       Johanna took Jack to a little friend party last weekend and when she got home she told me a story. Jack and all the kids were eating chicken nuggets. Jack is still very little and sometimes he is not into eating. So Jack spit out his food onto the table and the little girl next to him said loudly, "Ewwwww Gross!!" I am sure these thing happen all the time, but when Johanna told me this it made me remember what it is like being a kid. See Jack was just being himself and I am sure he was not embarrassed because he doesn't even know what was going on. I had a brief glimpse of school when I was little. It is so strange the things we forget. Johanna telling me this story really brought back a feeling that I had not felt in a long time. I was embarrassed for Jack and mad at this little girl. It is going to be really hard hearing these things as Jack gets older. Maybe someone will hit him or maybe someone will make him cry. You really can't help seeing his life through your eyes, and yours through his. As he experiences these things you are reminded of all those feelings that you forgot as a kid. Some are very sad and the good part is lots of them are very happy.

       Jack has a little bag with his extra clothes and monkey he sleeps with during his nap. He has a little nap mat with a pillow and blanket. His teacher is Mrs. Naomi and he already likes her. Diapers and snacks, outside time and lunch. He is getting so big and soon he will be able to talk more and tell us things. The first day we took him to his class it was one of the first times I have ever seen him reach his arm back for his Momma. He had never been here before and he is such a sweet boy. It is hard leaving your child all day like this. I hope he eats well, I hope he sleeps well. I picture him sitting at the little table and eating his snack listening to the teacher read a story. It makes me happy but also sad because I am not there in case anything happens. I am just waiting for the school to call us. "Mr. Pule your son has gone crazy, he has taken a juice box straw and he is attacking the other children." Jack is such a sweet boy. I want him to have fun and experience life as it comes. Hopefully one day when he is a little older and someone yells "Ewww Gross!!" he will know what is going on, and take another bite of food, spit it in the little girls face, and jump up on his chair saying "yeah that's what I thought, in your face little girl." The reality is that he will probably get a little red, come home and tell us about it, while we listen and remember what it is like going to school.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gonna go back in time....

I thought I would put out a short list of my favorite 80's comedies. They just don't make em' like they used to. I know the list has no Caddy Shack or Beverly Hills Cop, but that is why it is a short list. I could add another ten movies and still have more I'm sure, but when it comes to some of my all time favorites of the 80's this is what I think of.

This Is Spinal Tap (1984)

This was shown to me by a Barret Walker in 1999. It is one of the funniest movies ever. The first of many Christopher Guestfilms (best in show, waiting for guffman, etc) This one is actually directed by Rob Reiner,who hasn't made a good movie in years. This movie is so good at dry subtle humor. I have seen it hundreds of times and I still am on the
floor laughing when I watch it now. This is Spinal Tap is not just one of my favorite 80's comedies, but it is in my top 5 off all time.

Dead Men don't Wear Plaid (1982)

This also shown to me by Barret Walker is a very under rated comedy in my opinion. It is in black and white and it takes scenes from old film noir movies and inner cuts them with scenes of Steve Martin. So you have
Steve Martin talking to Humphrey Bogart.  Its brilliant just from that perspective. It also is hilarious because of Steve Martin. This is why this man is hilarious. Coincidentally this is directed by Carl Reiner, the brother of  Rob Reiner. Carl Reiner and Steve Martin made a few films together, but this one shines for me. I might even say this is the most under
rated comedy ever...In my opinion.

Mr. Mom (1983)

I have been watching this since I was a littlekid. Even though it has great performances from Jeffory Tambor, Martin Mull, and Christopher Lloyd. The thing that makes this movie amazing and hilarious is Michael Keaton. He is so funny and his timing is great. He is not in enough comedies. Though the idea of a stay at home dad is common these days, In the 80's I'm sure it was not so. This movie uses all this to make a hilarious relatable comedy with heart.

Planes, Trains, and automobiles (1987)

This is one of my favorite comedies off all time. It is also my favorite John Hughes movie. I know it has nothing to do with teenagers which is what John Hughes is known for, but I think this is just more broadly relatable and just fucking hilarious. It is timeless and the chemistry between Martin and Candy is perfect. John Candy is so amazing in this. You are so annoyed by him, but then you also feel bad for him. Not pity but  as his story unfolds you grow to love him as does Steve Martin in the film. They just do not make comedies like this anymore.

Clue (1985)
Christopher Lloyd, Martin Mull, Michael McKean, Madalien Kahn, Tim Curry, and those other two girls. This is why this movie is amazing.It is so clever and funny. It is like watching a play. Tim Curry alone is incredible, but everyone together running around the mansion is so quick and fun. I love that they set it in the 50's, it works so well. There are so many moments in this movie that I quote on a regular basis.


Ferris Buellers Day Off (1986)

Also a John Hughes movie, but this one is way more fun and less dramatic than say pretty and pink or the breakfast club. When I was little my mother let us skip school one day and we watched this movie.I mean there could not be a better way to view this film. Matthew Brodrick is super cool and funny. The soundtrack is amazing and Alan Ruck as Cameron Frye and Jeffery Jones as Ed Rooney are hilarious. Jennifer Grey who plays Ferris's sister is also amazing. I thought this was the coolest movie when I was a kid and it still holds up as a fun and funny day time watch.

Three Amigos (1986)

I know Three Amigos is pretty silly, but that is why I love it. It is such a strange premise. It is really awesome seeing these three guys really go go over the top and I think they really sell it. When i was a kid I liked  all the slap stick stuff, but now I watch it and laugh at all the subtle deliveries from Martin, Short, and Chase. So many classic moments and just weird lines, like when when El Guapo gets a sweater from his men as a birthday present. When I was young I thought it was funny and just strange, but later the fact they are giving him a sweater when they live in hot Mexico is just hilarious. Stuff like that that kinda flew over my head when I was little. I could watch this over and over again and still find
little things that I never noticed because it is hard to focus on
all three great performances.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Morning

I wake up a little early today because I have to get my mother so she can watch Jack. I am very tired. I get dressed in the dark and before I knew it I am out the door without a cup of coffee, which usually helps. I get in the car and I am so uncomfortable, I just keep squirming around and "adjusting myself:" I chalk it up to being tired and irritable. See a lot is going on right now. Jack is starting school soon and we are saving up for the new baby. Needless to say it can get stressful sometimes. So I get home and finally get that coffee I forgot. I'm doing a little better at this point. Then Johanna and I say goodbye to Jack and head off to work. I just can not seem to get comfortable. I am agitated and still very tired. I drop Johanna off and traffic sucks. I'm walking up to my work and I am just not in a very good mood. My clothes are bothering me and then I sit down at my desk and still am very uncomfortable. What is going on, why am I so irritable today. Maybe I need more coffee or maybe I just need to relax and focus. So I take a deep breath. I get up and head to the restroom. As I start to unzip I realize that my boxers and on inside out and backwards!!! Man I'm an idiot, I'm not all stressed out. My fucking underwear is on my body incorrectly. This would cause any man to be in an awful mood. So fixed the problem and now I'm fine. When I found out that my underwear was on the absolutely wrong way, I realized that I am no longer in a bad mood, but what I do realize is that this is the begining of a whole different kind of day. One where a grown man mistakes the stress in his life for having backwards underpants on.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Good Morning Jack

Oh Jack, he is such a great guy. This picture was taken about 3 months ago. Jack is such a silly boy. he does things like hide his little head in the couch and then pop up screaming. I guess he is a little weird just like his daddy.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Genisis Chapter One

So I thought I would start a blog containing everything that is in my life and whats on my mind. You will see pictures of the family and my personal stuff. I hope it is enjoyable. It really is more for me. Like a journal of my day to day. I also am getting really tired of facebook. So if you enjoy me or my friends or your a thirtyeightMB fan, then you should like all this. thanks