Thursday, December 30, 2010

Merry Christmas..Happy New Year

Well this has been one crazy Christmas for sure. Mary Hannah Pule born November 29th really added to the fun. I would like to start by saying that I love Christmas. I think it is the best holiday. No other holiday involves so much preparation and anticipation. From baking cookies to buying presents, you really are busy for a solid two weeks. Everything gets put on hold for a little bit. That being said, I hate everyone in the world when it comes to shopping. People are so crazy. We went to this strip mall on Christmas Eve thinking it would be dead, but noooo. It was so busy. People really wait until the day before Christmas to buy there gift. Now I have heard that some people love doing this...They are insane. I also went to wallgreens Christmas Eve night to get some beer and there was a huge line of people buying shitty wallgreens gifts. "Wow, thanks for the sunbeam toaster" But I regress. I have always loved Christmas but now that jack is getting a little older, it has been even more fun. I am working on a couple Videos of the occasion that I will post in the near future. So Christmas Eve we went over to Johanna's parents house. This year they went all out, tree, lights, homemade pies, it was pretty sweet. We ended the evening with wrapping all of Jack's gifts, which is fun to me because I really feel like a dad when i get to do it. It has only been twice so far but both times have been exciting.

Christmas day came and Jack walked up to all his presents and went straight for my video camera tripod that was next to the tree. He realized after we opened one gift that all these were for him. He then started ripping open all the fun. I always make sure that I am at home on Christmas day. I would not want to go anywhere. I lay out a nice spread of goodies to eat and then I make Christmas dinner. I have done this for years, even before the kids.This year I did the traditional Christmas roast. It came out great and the gravy was incredible. I am a huge proponent of the Christmas roast. I would never make a turkey again. Turkey is for thanksgiving. Ham is for Easter and Christmas is full of options. I have always wanted to do a Christmas goose. After everyone was drunk on delicious gravy we ate sweets and visited, Jack went to bed and slowly everyone went to sleep, leaving me alone drinking cheap beer and watching 15 or 20 minutes from a few different Christmas movies. I do not think I would have it any other way. Now New Years is upon us. Ahh New Years. After all the Christmas craziness I could give two shits about New Years. Never have. Most of the time I am in bed before midnight, and now that we have another little exhausting baby, I am certain of it. Goodnight. See you next year.

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