Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fall of 90's action movies wrap up

Well, it was a long fall from grace from when we started. The fall of 90's action movies ended december 22nd with Sudden Death. Over four months we watched fifteen 90's action flicks. We took the liberty of kicking the lists ass and ranking lots of shit. Also remember that we watch and discuss one night a week, so its not like this is all I do in my life.

Sudden Death - 5 - sudden death gets nothing
Face/Off - 7 - Best Villian - Castor Troy played by both John Travolta and Nicholas Cage
Lethel Weapon 4 - 7 - Best Ending 
Out for Justice - 5 - Worst Villian - Richie played by William Forsythe
Cliffhanger - 7 - Best and Worst Sidekick - Agent Richard Travers played by Rex Linn
Bad Boys - 2 - Worst Action, Worst Hero, and Worst Opeing
Desperado - 4 - Worst Ending and Best Female - Selma Hayek
Rumble in the Bronx - 6 - Funniest Action Movie
True Lies - 8 - Best Hero - Harry Tasker - Best Music
Die Hard with a Vengeance - 9 - Best Dialoge
Hard Target - 3 - Worst Dialoge - Worst Female - Natasha 'Nat' Binder played by Yancy Butler
Hard Boiled - 9 - Best Action


Golden Eye - 5 - Best Opening
Speed - 7
Under Seige - 6
Executive Decision - 1

The Best overall quintessential most endicative of the 90's action movies goes to: FACE/OFF
The Worst most bad action, bad dialoge, bad jokes, bad acting goes to: BAD BOYS

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