Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Morning

I wake up a little early today because I have to get my mother so she can watch Jack. I am very tired. I get dressed in the dark and before I knew it I am out the door without a cup of coffee, which usually helps. I get in the car and I am so uncomfortable, I just keep squirming around and "adjusting myself:" I chalk it up to being tired and irritable. See a lot is going on right now. Jack is starting school soon and we are saving up for the new baby. Needless to say it can get stressful sometimes. So I get home and finally get that coffee I forgot. I'm doing a little better at this point. Then Johanna and I say goodbye to Jack and head off to work. I just can not seem to get comfortable. I am agitated and still very tired. I drop Johanna off and traffic sucks. I'm walking up to my work and I am just not in a very good mood. My clothes are bothering me and then I sit down at my desk and still am very uncomfortable. What is going on, why am I so irritable today. Maybe I need more coffee or maybe I just need to relax and focus. So I take a deep breath. I get up and head to the restroom. As I start to unzip I realize that my boxers and on inside out and backwards!!! Man I'm an idiot, I'm not all stressed out. My fucking underwear is on my body incorrectly. This would cause any man to be in an awful mood. So fixed the problem and now I'm fine. When I found out that my underwear was on the absolutely wrong way, I realized that I am no longer in a bad mood, but what I do realize is that this is the begining of a whole different kind of day. One where a grown man mistakes the stress in his life for having backwards underpants on.

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