Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Stuff I Had #1

 Long before Johnny Depp captured our attention as Captain Jack Sparrow, Lego knew pirates were totally awesome. The Danish company has been making killer pirate-themed Lego set for decades, but none more majestic than the Barracuda. Along with a killer design, this set had a multitude of great pieces including working cannons, a sexy girl pirate (as far as Lego People go) and a monkey!

I used to have this Lego pirate ship. The name of the ship was The Barracuda. It was one of the coolest things ever. I remember getting this when I was about 10 years old. Soon after I got it we moved to Texas and I insisted that we take it all put together because I had spent so much time putting it together. We were living in an apartment and my brothers and I were sharing a room for a while until we found a house in Texas. The Lego ship was on top of a dresser and we had bunk beds. One day I heard Jacob accidentally knock it over and I was devastated. Which is a little strange seeing that I could just rebuild it. This thing was awesome, it had little gold coins you could put in a treasure chest and a dingy boat and..I mean just look at it, its amazing!! Lego's are not cheap is something I found out later in life, so I would like to thank my parents for buying me the Lego Pirate Ship Barracuda. 

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  1. Yeah the little dingy boats were the best. I think that the Pirate stuff really was the best. The had learned what was cool and what could be done better. sweet