Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Upcoming flicks for the fall season

Here is a short list of my most anticipated movies for the rest of 2010. This is when the good movies come out. The summer blockbusters are over and now it is time for the goods. I will say that they have created a new winter blockbuster season. I guess people like seeing movies during the holiday season because the family likes to go to the theaters instead of really talking to each other. I don't know, but there is something to be said for memories and movies. I remember seeing Back to the Future II on thanksgiving day with all my cousins. That was good, anyways here you go:

SEPTEMBER 17th - The Town

Directed by Ben Affleck who I am guessing had somewhat of a revelation where he realized that he is actually talented "Oh yeah I won an oscar for writing, not playing Dare Devil" The Town looks like a great adult drama with some nice action scenes. I loved Gone, Baby, Gone, which Affleck also directed. He is really good at capturing environment and feeling in a movie and I think he will do the same here.

OCTOBER 1st - The Social Network

David Fincher directing and Arron Sorkin writing is good enough for me, but I know the sound of a Facebook movie is kinda silly. I hear it is more a study of the state of social society which is very interesting to me. Facebook in the social zeitgeist is incredibly interesting and fascinating to me already. So if this movie touches on this then I am in.

OCTOBER 15th - Jackass 3D

Not much to say here, I'm a huge fan. Actual quote from Johnny Knoxville "We are going to take the million dollar technology James Cameron used for Avatar and stick it up Steve O's ass"

NOVEMBER 5th - 127 Hours

Danny Boyle is hit or miss with me. When he hits its amazing so i will watch anything he does. I love James Franco and I hear this is suppose to be intense. It is the true story of a guy who gets trapped under a rock and has to cut his arm off in order to survive. That sounds pretty intense to me. Hopefully Danny Boyle can make this one interesting because in the hands of a lesser film maker it could be really bad.

DECEMBER 1st - Black Swan

Darren Arronofsky is one of my favorite directors. He never lets me down. This movie looks haunting and real. He is really good at taking a subject matter and making it very compelling. The synopsis of the movie is Natalie Portman is a ballet dancer and another girl comes in a starts out shinning her. This does not sound so interesting, but after watching the trailer, I can not wait to see it. Also it has a bit of the supernatural in it when Natale Portman pulls out a small black feather from her back. Woah, what was that. I here also that Natalie Portman is suppose to be amazing in the film. Which is nice because she can be really bad sometimes, but I know she has the chops. This is my most anticipated film coming out.

DECEMBER 17th - Tron Legacy

I know this one is a little dorky but I love the original tron and I have been saying they should make a sequel for years. When I saw the footage from comicon it made me very happy. I love that Jeff Bridges is back. The world looks amazing and I think the updated tech will really help the movie. There is a big chance that this movie will be stupid, but I hope not. I really think it could call upon a old type of adventure fantasy movie that we have not had in a long time.

DECEMBER 25th - True Grit

The Coen brothers decided to make a full blown western. I really think there is no way this could be bad. Jeff Bridges back with the Coens and he even has an eye patch in the film. The Coen brothers always deliver and this is where they are going to shine. A dirty western with blood and sprawling landscapes. I could not be more pleased with this. If it is half as good as No Country then we are in for a real treat.

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  1. Ohhh man Black Swan I cannot wait for it to come out. The Fountain... the Wrestler... and now this? Forget about it I could go on. Im pretty excited about The Town and The Social Network. I really hope Fincher can get the lame taste of Benjamen Button out of my brain. Tron Legacy... there is no question. CANT WAIT!!!