Thursday, December 16, 2010


                         New baby girl!!!

     We did it again. You can thank me later. Mary Hannah Pule was born November 29th and 10:15 am. At a big 9 lbs 8oz I must add. I made a video of the crazy experience which is found below. It was really insane. Started off well and everything in the end turned out ok. Johanna was very sad because Mary was born a C section. Then after that she had a high jaundice level. My son Jack also had this high jaundice level. The "doctors" say that it can be hereditary, weird. They also said that they have no idea what makes certain people be more likely to have a higher count. They spit out some junk about blood types and genetics, whatever. Oh and doctors, what a bunch of quacks. The hospital we were at was a training hospital for them, so every couple hours we have some student coming in and acting like they are a doctor. When my daughter was on the lights for her high jaundice every "doctor" that came in said the same stupid thing. "well these lights will take that jaundice level down...because of the UV lights." Well yeah no duh stupid doctor guy. Why would she be on them? It was silly. So we talked to about 20 different people about the same shit. Sometimes people would come in and just start talking about the baby, and we would have to stop and say, "who are you?" I guess they were trying to make us feel better. One "doctor" came in and talked to us for 45 minutes about his newborn baby at home. WHAT!!! "GET OUT OF HERE < WE ARE TRYING TO SLEEP DUMB ASS"

    Besides all that silly nonsense we have a beautiful new baby girl, the first Pule girl that anyone knows of. She is doing great and eating well and sleeping well. Jack was a little weird when she first got home, but now he is very sweet to her. He gives her little kisses, and puts blankets on her. We can already tell that he is going to be a great big brother. I can not wait until they get older and start playing and fighting with each other. The next 18 years are going to be crazy. We went into the hospital when it was thanksgiving and we came out Christmas. Lots of busy things to do, cookies, presents, trees, lights, drinking. Everything that the season is about. Thanks everyone for all your thoughts and prayers for us.

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