Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Johanna and I have not been out like this in a while, so I could have been seeing aerosmith and still have been happy. We did not see Aerosmith, we saw Arcade Fire instead thank god. It is really awesome seeing a band for the first time. What are they going to play, how will the show be, what kind of people are going to be there. These are all questions I ask myself before seeing any concert. Well the show was amazing and did not disappoint. Over the past few years I usually see bands that I have seen before like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, or I see someone who is larger than life like David Bowie. This was different. Arcade Fire is a fairly new band and it was interesting not having that feeling of waiting my whole life to see a band. When I saw NIN, it was serial because I have been listening to them forever and then all the sudden Trent Reznor is standing in front me screaming. Not the case with Arcade Fire, which allowed me to really soak it in. The crowd was one of the most laid back crowds ever. The whole show was laid back. I had forgotten that Win Butler grew up in the woodlands which is where we saw them. He started the show by saying, "its good to be home" then they went into "Ready to Start." He would start a song and say "this song is about grown up...well rowing up here" So that made the show a little extra special I think. As they played on I realized that I think I ike every single song of theirs. Closer to the end of the night Win Butler said "hey I used to be a ticket tearer here whe I was a teenager, and at this point of the night we usually stopped checking tickets and everyone rushed the stage...2.3.4." then they went straight into "Rebellion Lies" So everyone rushed the stage and we found ourselves about 20 feet from the stage. It was exciting to say the least but most of all it was a feeling that I had not had in a long time. Seeing a band for the first time and rushing the stage, it was very nice.

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